Looking forward to the summit

The web site has been set up, and a number of people have accepted our invitation to speak (we’ll put up a page with a list in due course), so we are well on the way.

If you have any stories or views about traffic, parking etc which you would like published on this web site, please send them to the email address on the front page.

Update 1: These have already agreed to attend the SUMMIT:

  • Parking campaigners
  • High Street campaigners
  • Cycling campaigners
  • Traffic engineers
  • Pedestrian campaigners
  • Public transport campaigners
  • Tube campaigners
  • Housing campaigners

Update 2: I have enabled comments on this post for an experimental period. If you write anything too long for a comment, and deserving of a longer lifetime, feel free to put it on your own blog, and send a link to me, to go on our forthcoming links page(*), or if you don’t have your own blog, I can publish it as its own blog entry on this site. I can be contacted via the email address on the front page.

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Update 3: Comments now closed.