Spending time in Barnet canvassing residents, talking to shopkeepers, reading the newspapers and local blogs, and attending the Area Forums (where residents air their grievances) quickly reveals that issues of traffic, cars, speeding and parking are the primary issue on Barnet’s mind.

My name is Poppy, and I’ve been doing all of that talking and canvassing here in Barnet for the last couple of years. I drew the obvious conclusion: there is an impending car and traffic crisis in Barnet. I’ve been shouting about it in letters to the press, in my local newspaper blog, in my column in the newsletters EN4 and EN5 (PDF : 257 Kb) and all over Twitter.

I have been calling for a debate on solving the problem and this SUMMIT is the start of that debate.

The SUMMIT is being organised privately, by a group of local activists. I am the Green candidate for Chipping Barnet, but this is not a party political initiative.

Everyone interested is welcome to attend the SUMMIT. The SUMMIT will be run on a modified Pro Action Café format.

It involves all participants equally. The SUMMIT has already secured the presence of experts who will bring their knowledge and informed perspectives to the deliberations.