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Car Crisis debate kicks off in Barnet

A conference to consider how to tackle the congestion faced by the outer London borough of Barnet will be held on the afternoon of 8th March at Friern Barnet Community Library. 

SUMMIT: How to Solve Barnet’s Car Crisis is designed to kick off an urgent debate that will apply far beyond the borough in which it is being broached.

Barnet’s population is increasing*, 30,000 new dwellings are coming on stream by 2025, and the population of some parts of the borough are projected to grow by 50% in the foreseeable future.

“Already our roads are in crisis,” says A M Poppy, the Barnet activist* who called this conference. “Parking has been the most poisonous issue in the borough, and traffic, cars, speeding and parking are the primary issue on Barnet’s mind. In the absence of official acknowledgement of the crisis I am kicking off this urgent debate.” 

Transport experts, politicians, campaigners, and residents* will come together to discuss the options, and feed into a report that will be published after the event.

Everyone interested is welcome. Free registration is requested in advance.



Poppy’s mobile: (on request)

* Notes:

1) Barnet is to become most populous London borough (

2) Organisations represented include:

  • TfL Surface (TBC)
  • Barnet Council
  • Barnet Cycling Campaign
  • Barnet residents associations including FORAB and Barnet Residents Assoc
  • Transport professionals and campaigners including Ranty Highwayman and Brent Cross Coalition
  • Mayor’s Office (TBC)
  • Parking campaigners including Mr Mustard
  • High street traders including Helen Michael
  • Enfield Green Party
  • Living Streets (TBC)
  • Residents experiencing the crisis

3) A M Poppy is an almost-lifelong resident of Barnet, who has been campaigning locally since 2000. She is the Green Party candidate in Chipping Barnet, but is organising this event as a private initiative free of any party or organisational affiliation.

27 February 2015