SUMMIT – How to Solve Barnet’s Car Crisis?

A summit to think collaboratively about how to ease the increasing pressure of traffic on Barnet’s roads – featuring experts, campaigners, and residents experiencing the crisis.

The SUMMIT went ahead as planned on 8 March 2015. See the original announcement for details.

See the press release Writing Barnet’s Transport Strategy for a brief report of the day.

Conference Report - How to solve Barnet’s car crisis?The full report of the SUMMIT is available as a PDF document here (3.4 Mb, 28 pages).

We got a mention in the local newspaper, the Barnet and Whetstone Press, on 22 January 2016.



Get Involved

If you use Twitter, the suggested hashtag is #CarCrisisSummit.

And the Facebook event to join and share is

There is a long discussion on Streetlife (, now closed for further comments. You can read the discussion without logging in.